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My Story

I'm Indian born and Singapore raised. My previous life consisted of being a motion picture cinematographer in Germany and India. Altogether I've lived in six countries and traveled to dozens. From my travels, I became deeply interested in how technology is creating profound changes in the world. Instead of being a passive observer, I wanted to see how I could contribute.

One day, my friend from Sweden called me and told me he wanted me to help look for developers in Asia for a startup idea that he had – a job search app that uses video interviewing and smart filters to simplify the process of finding a job, or finding the ideal candidate. Having designed websites as a teenager, I knew a few developers who now had their own agencies. What started out as a favour for a friend turned into an obsession, as I empathized with the idea. I eventually became part of the team to help develop the business, and started pitching the idea to VC's. Though the project never really took off, I gained an understanding of the tech industry through it.

Through the research that I did on that project, I got to understand the role of UX. The idea of building human centric products through empathizing with users really struck me, and quickly became an obsession.

I pursued a part-time online design education at DesignLab and eventually decided I wanted to pursue design as a career. Eventually I landed up in Vancouver in order to pursue a Master's degree at the the Centre for Digital Media, in order to further hone my design skills, and learn the process behind solving problems when designing products.